Saturday, March 28, 2009

Prince on Leno 03/26/09 - Rock

From night two of the residency. With a completely different backing band.

(Unfortunately, the hulu video that I originally posted has expired. You have to wonder if the good folks at hulu understand the power of the embed and viral brand marketing.)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Prince on Leno 03/25/09 - Funk

At last, from Hulu:

ETA: If the video defaults back to the top of the program, go to 38:17.
(Those silly people at Hulu. Help me help you turn brains into mush.)

Prince's Residency on Leno

Last night Prince gave the first of three straight performances on the Tonight Show, leading up to the release of his new CD set on Sunday at Target. (Not Tuesday, the industry standard release day, but Sunday.)

He's a master performer and I'll be there again tonight for more.

While U2's Grammy opening performance looked desperate for all parties involved and Bruce Springsteen huffed his way in a state of aging boomer breathlessness through a forgettable Super Bowl act, Prince once again demonstrates that he understands his audience and what they want: to be in the club, whenever and wherever he performs and however he gives them access.

That access could be:
  • Buying the $12 three disc set
  • Getting into one of three shows he is doing Saturday night in L.A. (echoing his three hometown shows on 07/07/07) or
  • Joining for about $75 a year with access to advance ticket purchases, exclusive extras, merch, downloads and most importantly the badge of belonging.
I'm a big fan of Hulu (also owned by NBC like the Tonight Show) and wish they had a clip of last night's show up for sharing. I waited before posting this blog to see if they would make it happen. But then why would they want to do something silly like give Prince fans the tools to help drive ratings the next two nights?

When and if it appears, I'll update.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Music Lobby Days on the Hill

The Recording Academy and the musicFIRST Coalition are getting together in D.C. on Monday and Tuesday to lobby Congress for passage of the Performance Rights Act, which was reintroduced by John Conyers (D-MI) and Darrell Issa (R-CA).

As a governor elected by the Academy's Pacific Northwest chapter, I had a conversation with a trustee about make the trip down from the Cape and participating. I hesitate because I have mixed feelings. The performance rates set for webcasters seem designed to squash growth and concentrate programming in the hands of the few, which rings in an eerily similar way to one piece of the puzzle that has put the recording industry in the challenged position it is in today.

Click here to download the text of the bill. (49kb PDF)